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Local Sporting History 

Workington RLFC

When the Super League was set up, it was proposed that Workington merge with Barrow, Carlisle and Whitehaven to form a Cumbrian Super Club to be based at Workington. This was however resisted and an unmerged Workington took part in the Super League.

In the 2019 season they played in League 1, having been relegated from the Kingstone Press Championship. They finished runners up in the League 1 Playoff final against Bradford Bulls, they also finished runners up against Swinton in the super final.

Workington AFC

Football in Workington has a very long history. Close by and adjacent to the home of Workington A.F.C the folk game of "Uppies and Downies" is still an annual event. There are records about the game from 20 April 1775 in the Cumbrian Pacquet which is one of the earliest reports of a football match ever. This report says the match on which it is reporting is "long contended" thereby noting an even longer unwritten history of the game in this Cumbrian town.